Thoughts about going “Off-Grid”

Before purchasing the property and the cabin, we considered going “off-grid” and what that would mean. We’ve been long-time campers, using only tents, so we have experience being “off the grid” temporarily– but to live off-grid is a whole different ballgame.


We researched living off-grid using the internet via Blogs, YouTube, and documentaries. All have been extremely helpful, and that’s one of the reasons I’ve chosen to write a blog: to help others see the possibilities of life off-grid, and our journey to achieve it.

Buying the cabin we chose allowed us to start from the ground up. We started by creating a layout for our future home, and had the windows placed accordingly. Having been campers for a long time, we had already acquired many essentials for living off-grid. This has allowed us to stay in our unfinished cabin comfortably as we complete it.

Camping indoors.

Staying in our cabin this way gave us a glimpse into the future of being off-grid. I was able to utilize our future kitchen space, and get a better idea of how I envision the end result.

Future kitchen space

We have been very fortunate to start our journey this way. We are learning as we go, and making changes along the way. We’ve stayed in our cabin a few times now and every time we learn something new.


9 thoughts on “Thoughts about going “Off-Grid”

      1. absolutely love it but as I don’t have my own land this complicates matters and this will be my third move. Landlords have had me on water rations but will get my own tank and pump this time! Solar worked wonderfully in previous location but need to move asap as too many trees and getting less than 4 hours sun in summer … need plenty of light with no large trees around. Does allow me mobility and now going to a remote location, no neighbours or roads .. yea. But does mean I had to buy a hybrid car … used to live in a central location and walk, cycle or public transport. So everything has it’s compromises. Read more on my posts …

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