First week in our cabin.

Our cabin was delivered on a sunny 74 degree day in October, 2017.   We stayed in the cabin, which is unfinished for a week. The weather changed dramatically the first night.

First we heard the rain hitting the metal roof, so cool. Coming from California and 7 years of drought, we loved it. Then we heard nothing. My husband went outside to check and couldn’t believe what he saw. Snow and it was coming down good.

Our rottweiler loved it.

View from our window the next morning.

It looked like a post card.

Our cozy inside arrangement. Everything we need for now.

If felt very hygge in our cozy cabin. Our space heaters were a life saver. Mr. Heater Portable Buddy

The weather changed as the week went on.

We were able to have our security door installed, thanks to Home Depot, for the door and installation.

We won’t be fulltime just yet so security is important. My husband made wooden shutters to secure our windows from the inside.

Our first week in our cozy cabin was amazing! We were able to experience an array of different weather. And we managed just fine.

Can’t wait to be full time and finish the inside.

But for now it works perfectly. Our dog agrees as well.

So Hygge😊
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